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Manufacturer Company Protocol

Manufacturer Company Protocol

ALTINDAS textile, which is among the world's companies in yarn and fabric production, supports Social Responsibility projects in order to add value to its stakeholders and society in accordance with its principles. Altındaş textile with Enka certification . among them, the ‘manufacturer's one-point application protocol’ was signed within the scope of the certification incentives of the Professional Qualification institution.
ALTINDAS TEXTILE Yarn spinning Front of the operator, the operator, Yarn Finishing the work of the operator, pre-finishing Operator, Operator, Coloring, finishing Operator, machine maintenance, be made by the experts on the application of machine assemblers that, accordingly, to improve the quality of workers in our country, the reduction of occupational accidents, protection of brand value, customer complaints due to defects in workmanship and aims to strengthen competitiveness and costs to be minimised.
In line with this goal, Altındaş TEKSTIL; T.C. Among the ‘dangerous and very dangerous professions’ contained in the law and communiques No. 5444 published by the Ministry of family, labour and Social Services;

- 11uy0039-3 front thread operator
- 11uy0037 - 2 spinning operator
- 11uy0036-2 thread finishing works operator
- 13uy0139-3 pre-finishing operator
- 13uy0138-3 painting operator
- 13uy0137-3 finishing operations operator
- 10uy0002-3 machine maintenance
- 10uy0002-4 machine maintenance
- 12uy0105-3 machine Assembler
- 12uy0105-4 machine Assembler

It supports employees in their fields to obtain a FMC professional qualification certificate. Examination and document costs of persons who are successful in the vocational qualification exams to be held in accordance with the relevant law are covered by the unemployment fund.
As part of the project, professional qualification exams will be conducted by the authorized organization ENKA certification, and people who succeed in the exams will be eligible to receive a professional qualification certificate belonging to the profession/Department in which they work.
Applicants for a professional qualification certificate have the right to 3 exams. Candidates who fail their first exams have the right to take 2 more exams free of charge.
Professional qualification documents of people who succeed in the exams are printed in a print shop signed by the Professional Qualification Authority and sent to ENKA certification, and are also transmitted to document holders by ENKA certification.

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